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“Joe Farrell was instrumental in smoothly facilitating a major life change for my husband and me. We were inspired to move from our life-long home, adventuring nearly a thousand miles from family and friends. We were uncertain how to proceed. Joe’s photograph appeared among many advertisements on Realtor.com, and I chose him intuitively, based on his warm smile. We met him, looked for properties over the course of a mere two days and ultimately followed his instinct as to the sort of property which would best suit us, satisfying both our aesthetic sensibilities and his understanding of what would be practical. My husband and I would have been less receptive to a sales representative with a glib manner or a worn line of rhetoric. Joe’s intelligence and authenticity coupled with a calm and unassuming demeanor instilled our trust. We have never looked back since finding our dream lot- never a doubt or sense of regret. It has taken us two years since we bought our property through Pace-Kerby to make the big move and build our house. Each time we came north the visit our new property, Joe made the effort to meet with us informally, as a friend. He took us to lunch, introduced us to people, directed us to various agencies for help and generally made us feel welcome and comfortable in our new community. As the building proceeded, Joe dropped in often to check it out and say “hi”. This move has been a huge milestone in our lives. The one anxiety I had experienced was the fear of loneliness. I cannot imagine how differently I might have felt, beautiful though this place is, had Joe not extended to us his expertise, his generosity and his genuine kindness.”

– Lynn & Karen Aase – Redding, CA

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